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Dynon Avionics servos are dimensionally identical to other leading servos for drop-in upgradability. Behind the scenes, though, the SV line of servos are all-new. A lightweight aluminum case houses a stainless steel gear train to optimize weight while not sacrificing strength. The servo control arm is captured by a castellated nut and secured by a cotter pin, just like other critical interfaces in your aircraft. Each servo is managed by its own microprocessor, making the servo an active, smart extension of the autopilot. This simplifies the control-surface-to-servo calibration and prevents the servo from driving itself endlessly like other servos can. As an ultimate mechanical failsafe, a simple and effective shear pin is employed to let you break the servo free of the aircraft control surface in an emergency.

Multiple servos models are available to suit different aircraft control force requirements. The SV32 is rated at 36 in-lb of torque, the SV42 at 55 in-lb, and the SV52 at an astonishing 72 in lb. Servos are also available with with capstan drives for use in aircraft with cable-driven controls.

Mounting kits for popular aircraft models are being developed on an ongoing basis, with kits for most of Van's RV series and the Sonex/Waiex currently available.

For aircraft that Dynon has not yet developed a mounting kit, but which definitely use a servo with output arm (as compared to a cable / capstan drive servo), Dynon has developed a generic kit that includes rod ends and other servo attachment hardware. Note that if you use this kit, you will need to determine an adequate location and mounting method for installing your servos.


CONNECTIONS: The seven Servo wires are for:
4 - Sets of Twisted Wire SkyView Network Connection
1 - Power connection
1 - Ground connection
1 - Quick Disconnect, to be connected to a switch on the control wheel or stick

Simplified and Expert Controls are available in SkyView Firmware version 6.0 or higher.

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SV32L - 36 inch-pounds - Long Arm

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